Company history

200 years

Hendrik Veder - the oldest of Hendrik Veder Group's founding companies - started in 1800 with the production of shipping materials. The expertise gained over two centuries has proven to be extremely beneficial when it comes to understanding and meeting our customers' needs. Hendrik Veder Group now combines the fixed amount of technical knowledge and traditional skills of all consolidated companies. It has evolved into a major international supplier of rope solutions, primarily to customers active in offshore and maritime industries.

Long-term relationships

Such a long history means we understand the value of long-term relationships. This knowledge is something we are happy to share with customers and business partners. The men and women at Hendrik Veder Group understand the challenges your company faces, and we are ready to meet them head on.

Recent timeline

  • September 2012: Hendrik Veder, RopeQuip, European Rope Services - together with Wire Rope Services and Industrial Ropes - merge into Hendrik Veder Group. Of the original trade names: Hendrik Veder and RopeQuip
  • April 2013: G. van der Lee Rope Factory joins the Hendrik Veder Group as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • December 2013: Hendrik Veder Group and the Aberdeen-based ATR Group take equal stakes at Myhre Rope Services, based in Norway.
  • March 2015: Hendrik Veder Group acquires full ownership of this Norwegian joint venture and integrated it into the group.
  • April 2015: Hendrik Veder Group UK Ltd is the result of a merger between Hendrik Veder UK Ltd and RopeQuip UK Ltd. The company has facilities in Aberdeen and Sheffield.
  • November 2015: The trade names Hendrik Veder and RopeQuip are no longer used. The name Hendrik Veder Group covers our activities in all markets.

More information is available in the News archive