20 March 2020

Hendrik Veder Group measures concerning COVID-19 

Dear customer,

Like other countries around the world, the Netherlands is now bracing for the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) regularly announces new measures. We are closely monitoring the situation. Recently, we have received numerous questions about the (possible) effects of the pandemic on our operations, and how we are preparing to handle them. We are sending you this email to answer those questions.

Safety of Hendrik Veder Group employees

It goes without saying that we are closely following all instructions issued by the RIVM. We immediately apply all of the latest RIVM measures within our organisation. This ensures the safety of all our employees. Our meetings with clients, suppliers and others are now conducted online or by telephone. Our operations staff are working in shifts to avoid coming into contact with one another. This allows us to continue working while also protecting the health of our team members.

Hendrik Veder Group services

At present, the pandemic has had no effect on our ability to provide services. On the contrary, we are currently working on a number of major projects. We have experienced growing demand for our cost-effective sustainability solutions. We believe that cost-effectiveness is more important than ever in the complex situation we are currently facing.

Delivery and production

Hendrik Veder Group is adequately stocked with inventory. As a result, we have had no difficulties in delivering our products. Our production continues at the same pace and can be scaled up at any time. Our factories in the Netherlands, Scotland, England, Norway and Poland ensure that any new order can be quickly processed and filled. And we can ensure the continuity of our operations.

If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about our sustainable approach, please contact Bertwin Zonneveld directly on +31 (0)6 5393 4793 or by email at bertwin.zonneveld@hendrikvedergroup.com 

With kind regards,

Egbert Vennik