12 April 2018

Your partner in engineered lifting solutions

At Hendrik Veder Group, we understand the stringent regulations regarding lifting equipment. That is why our team is happy to assist and advise on all that comes in creating a tailor made certified lifting solution. We are experienced in lifts according to several standards and guidelines.

Our services include: design, engineering and production advice; testing, rigging design and product certification. By offering project management, you have one contact person during the whole process – benefitting communication, speed and quality.

Vast knowledge gathered since 1800
Our engineers have the knowledge to assist you in determining the optimal solution for your lifting challenge. We work with the best engineering and production companies, ensuring that you get the best lifting solution. Pieter Modderman, Manager Maritime & Services: “By providing this service, we offer a combination of experience and know-how (which we have gathered since 1800). Our team can optimise the technical properties of tools/constructions for your lifting job”. By acting as a director in this respect, we make sure that everything is aligned and covered by one certification body.

We have been providing proof load testing for decades, and now operate a number of test beds with capacities ranging from 80 to 1,400 tons. At our main testing facility in Rotterdam, experienced and EKH-certified testing inspectors carry out proof loading for all sorts of equipment.


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Project: rigging engineering for 1500t crane proof load
·       According to DNVL-ST-N001
·       1650t barge

How can we help you?
Are you interested in how we can assist in making your own tailor made lifting solution? Please contact us via: sales@hendrikvedergroup.com.