Converter platform installed
with our cable-laid slings

Heerema’s crane vessel Thialf installed the DolWin Alpha converter platform in the German North Sea, using four cable-laid steel wire rope slings produced at Hendrik Veder Group’s facilities in Rotterdam. Check out the movie about the converter platform and see the properties of the cable-laid slings below.

The converter platform is 62 meters long, 42 meters wide and 42 meters high, and weighs more than 9,000 metric tons. Alternating current electricity generated in three wind farms off the coast of Germany will be converted on the platform into high-voltage direct current for transmission to the mainland.

Properties cable-laid slings

Customer Heerema Marine Contractors
Project DolWin Alpha
  Sling 1 Sling 2 Sling 3 Sling 4
Length 103.75 m 103.60 m 103.60 m 103.50 m
Weight 74.5 MT 74.4 MT 57.3 MT 57.2 MT
Outer unit rope diameter 127 mm 127 mm 114 mm 114 mm
Core unit rope diameter 154 mm 154 mm  128 mm 128 mm
Sling diameter 408 mm 408 mm 356 mm 356 mm
Eye length 6.0 m 6.0 m 5.0 m 5.0 m
CRBL 7,522 MT 7,522 MT 6,044 MT 6,044 MT