Not an everyday spooling project

6 weeks – tens of kilometres of seismic cable – up to 7 spooling machines - two vessels - eight men

By order of Den Helder Support Services (shipping agency and stevedoring), Hendrik Veder Group has carried out a “not an everyday project” for CGG Veritas – global provider of geophysical services and equipment. For 6 straight weeks, 8 riggers of Hendrik Veder using up to 7 spooling machines have been spooling tens of kilometres of seismic cable (so called streamers) from small reels holding 150 meter each to 13 large reels of approximately 4,500 meter each.

The whole operation took place in Velsen-Noord on the site of MEO, offering a closed area with an open storage capacity of 90,000 m2 and a quay with a water depth of 9 meters. The large reels were delivered by an inland vessel and, after spooling, used to reeve the seismic cable on winches onboard the “Veritas Vantage” and “Oceanic Challenger”. These vessels are now ready to use the seismic cables for offshore seismic acquisition.

All in all not an everyday project. Full-service, flexibility, capacity and skills were the keys to this project.