Proof load testing services

A full range of certified testing, measurement and calibration services

Hendrik Veder Group has been providing proof load testing for decades. We operate a number of test beds with capacities from 80 to 1,400 tons. At our main testing facility in Rotterdam, experienced and EKH-certified* testing inspectors carry out proof loading of all sorts of hoisting, lifting, pulling, mooring, towing and lashing equipment. These tests are done in accordance with customer requirements, or performed according to specific industry standards (for example, periodic testing). If necessary, tests can be witnessed by third-party classification authorities.

All our test beds are calibrated by NMi (Nederlands Meetinstituut - the Dutch Measurement Institute). The test beds are categorised as Class 1 testing machines in accordance with ISO 7500.

1.Testing program

Proof load testing is generally performed with the Working Load Limit (WLL) of lifting equipment. We perform proof load testing on a wide variety of products with proof loads up to 1,400 tons. These products include shackles, blocks, hooks, lifting beams, steel wire rope or fibre rope, all types of slings, grommets and chains. We also test customised specials.

2. Break load testing to destruction

Break load and destruction is used to determine the Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) and the Actual Breaking Load (ABL). We carry out these tests on steel wire rope, grommets, wire rope slings and everything that fits in the test beds, which can be loaded up to 1,250 tons for destructive testing.

3. Calibration

Our testing machines have an accuracy of ±1%, which makes them ideal for load cell calibration services. The services also include load cell shackle calibration, calibration of mooring or towing hooks with load cells, and load pin calibration.

4. Measurement under tension

Our test beds are also ideal to determine the actual working length of steel wire and fibre rope slings, and grommets. Measurements are carried out with the product under tension.

5. Pressing

In addition to the pulling services, we also carry out pressing services with forces of up to 1,250 tons. One of the commonly carried out services is pressing out sockets, but we also test customised specials.

Testing facility Rotterdam

Capacity: 1,400 tons 800 tons 80 tons
Type: Pulling / Pressing Pulling Pulling
Max. 7.5 m 50 m 5 m
Orientation: Horizontal Horizontal ** Horizontal


* EKH (Approved Certification Companies for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment) is the Dutch association of accredited companies for the testing and lifting equipment industries.
** Six metres from the pulling point there is a three metre long and one metre deep pit for testing objects