Equipment & manufacturing strength

workshop equipment hendrik veder groupOur main workshop equipment and manufacturing strength includes:

  • Hydraulic wire rope swaging presses ranging from 300 to 4,200 tons (super-loop capacity up to 128 mm);
  • Closer for cable-laid rope and sling fabrication up to 18;
  • Test beds from 800 to 12,500 kN (pull and push);
  • Spooling machines taking up to 250 tons unit weight;
  • Hydraulic wire rope tensioning machine up to 45 tons back tensioning manufacturing strengths;
  • Wire rope slings up to 18:
  • Cable-laid slings from 250 to 7,700 tons Calculated Rope Breaking Load (CRBL);
  • Cable-laid grommet slings (endless) from 250 to 6,800 Calculated Grommet Breaking Load (CGBL).

All products are manufactured in accordance with international standards such as IMCA M 179; EN 13414-1, 13414-3; ISO 7531.