Hendrik Veder Group offers solutions on GustoMSC’s significant offshore wind project

November 21, 2023

Hendrik Veder Group offers solutions on GustoMSC’s significant  offshore wind project.

Our client, GustoMSC, has engaged us in a spectacular project where they will be replacing the 1200 mt cranes on both the Wind Orca and the Wind Osprey vessels, owned by Cadeler.

Currently, both wind turbine installation vessels are docked at Mammoet quayside in Schiedam, where Hendrik Veder Group’s solutions team has been diligently working on reeving out all hoisting wires and adjusting the boom adjustment wires.

The first crane, onboard the Wind Orca, has been dismantled with the assistance of the Mammoet PTC210-DS, recognized as the world’s largest land crane, to undergo a remarkable transformation as well, as she will receive an innovative GustoMSC 1600 mt leg crane update.

Once GustoMSC installs the new crane onboard the Wind Orca, we will proceed with reeving the new wire rope. This entire process will then be replicated on the Wind Osprey. Following the successful installation of the cranes, a load test is  scheduled to take place.

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