About us

European leader in Steel Wire & Fibre products and services

Hendrik Veder Group was established in 1800. We are based in the Netherlands, Norway and United Kingdom. Active in steel wire and fibre rope solutions, projects, products and services. We have a strong foothold within Europe and supply globally to satisfy our clients’ needs.This European footprint makes us easily accessible to you, and ensures efficient communication (in many cases, in your native language) and fast response times.


Our mission is to meet customers’ challenges involving steel wire or fibre rope products and services in the offshore, maritime and other industries needing this expertise.


A broad range of activities

The group has a wide range of activities including:

• Production of heavy lift products including steel wire and fibre rope, cable-laid slings and grommets
• Production of single laid wire rope slings
• Wholesale of wire rope
• Production and sales of other lifting and towing materials
• Production and sales of all types of fibre inclusive of Dyneema & HMPE
• Services, including proofload and breakload tests, spooling, reeving and unreeving of cranes & winches, reconditioning and overhaul.


We are committed to quality, training, service, safety and working as partners. Our products are improved and we have stood the test of time, enabling us to quickly adapt to any situation in today’s marketplace. We are confident our products and services will satisfy your needs.

When you are looking for a fresh solution in order to move forward. Hendrik Veder Group is ready to meet all these needs. You benefit from this flexibility and can count on us to recognise the direction you want to go and understand the issues you face. And if we don’t have a solution on hand…

Moving, lifting, towing, mooring, rigging, testing or something else? What is your challenge? We like to be challenged to provide solutions, projects, services and products significant to offshore, maritime and other markets. Ask for our service and testing program and increase your uptime and lower the cost.

The people of Hendrik Veder Group understand the stringent regulations regarding lifting, towing, mooring, rigging, and lashing equipment. We provide superior quality products and services that guarantee your safety. We made many of our products available in an extensive product catalogues.

With 60 tonnes of bollard pull, this working platform is built for highly effective towage.

Hendrik Veder Group and Van Oord sign partnership to manage lifting equipment for offshore windmills

‘As partners, we can both profit from each other’s knowledge and expertise. This will allow us to plan our projects efficiently and flexibly.’

Roeland van Schie,
Project Supply Chain Support Manager at Van Oord

Hendrik Veder Group simplifies testing with its new plug & play concept

Hendrik Veder Group successfully tests hoisting solution for tub-mounted crane, lifting 5,500 tonnes on board the Allseas Pioneering Spirit

Hendrik Veder Group supplies and certifies hoisting equipment for Boskalis in India

Hendrik Veder Group achieves sustainability targets with environmentally friendly lubricant

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