Health, Safety & Environment


Safety and quality are inseparable core values within Hendrik Veder Group. Our core values are the starting point in our vision and have been elaborated in a company QHSE policy and in our operational management. This allows us to manufacture and deliver products and services safely, according to stated requirements and expectations.


In our type of industry, there are constant risks that can affect the wellbeing of all people related to our products and the environment. Within Hendrik Veder Group we attach great value to this. In order to manage the risks properly we continuously analyse our risks and initiate appropriate actions to eliminate risk or reduce the effect adequately. We transfer this to our personnel and customers by means of training, advice & providing appropriate equipment. This way we improve working conditions with attention to environmental impact and we create safety awareness. This results in a positive effect on manufacturing products and providing our services.

Hendrik Veder Group QHSE policy

March 2022


Quality, Health, Safety & Environment are essential core values within Hendrik Veder Group.


These core values are the starting point in our vision and are embedded in our operational management. This implies that we manufacture and deliver our products and services safely, with respect for environment according to stated requirements and expectations of our stakeholders using effective and efficient business operations. To maintain and improve our business operations we have implemented a certified management system, in accordance with the requirements of relevant ISO standards.


Our policy summarizes key objectives of our commitment for excellence and includes:

  • Conducting our operations by means of safe working standards with respect and care for the health and safety of people whereby the risk of injury will be minimized;
  • Because we want everybody to go home healthy each day, one of our most important values is safety. Therefore we have implemented 10 lifesaving rules for all employees, visitors and subcontractors;
  • Creating trust and preference among our customers by ensuring that safety and quality requirements are met in the delivered product or service;
  • Continuously improve our business operations while meeting or exceeding legal or regulatory requirements and appropriate international standards;
  • Developing and fostering a safety and quality mindset at all levels of the organization;
  • Hendrik Veder Group follows an innovative process approach that is unique within the offshore and maritime industries. Unlike other companies, which sell cables for single use only, Hendrik Veder Group explores options for sustainably reusing cables and hoisting equipment. The company’s approach protects the environment while also boosting profitability for its clients.

Ensure we have competent, qualified and motivated employees to achieve our goals.

This is why we utilize a training program and offer the appropriate company resources. We expect our employees to support the policy and think it’s their responsibility to promote it. In addition, risks should be addressed and opportunities initiated to improve our performance continuously.

Hendrik Veder Group has implemented an innovative online training tool to stimulate safety awareness and behavior.


Our policy will be communicated within all levels of the organization and continuously propagated by our board, management and employees.


Egbert Vennik

CEO Hendrik Veder Group B.V.

Hendrik Veder Group Compliance Statement


Rotterdam, November 2022


Company ethos

Hendrik Veder Group is committed to conducting business in an ethical and fair manner and is committed to implementing and enforcing systems to ensure that all forms of compliance are subject to national and international laws or related regulations.

We are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all business transactions and relationships we build with our customers, suppliers, business associates and employees in all Hendrik Veder Group related relationships.

Hendrik Veder Group will continuously enforce all laws regarding national and international laws or related regulations and adhere to the SIZA Social Standard requirements in combating any form of abuse and or violation thereof.

In our Compliance statement the following compliance topics can be mentioned:

• Bribery

• Criminal activities

• Financial criminal activities, money laundering

• Corporate espionage

• Cyber security

• Child labor

• Slave labor

• Human rights

• As well any form of exploitations what’s ever

• Local & international laws and regulations as Health, Safety, Environment labor

• Laws and regulations regarding legality of work and residence.


Company Commitment

All members of the board of directors, managers and employees of Hendrik Veder Group must adhere to the business ethic of the above compliance topics. No employee, manager or member of the board of directors may participate in or become involved in compliance topic as noted above.

All members of the board of directors, managers and employees are committed to promptly reporting, discussing and preventing any undesirable and inappropriate behavior and will report such or any conduct by employees, managers, members of the board of directors, customers, suppliers or business associates in any way or form.

This policy hereby binds the company to its commitment to regularly discuss and mitigate factors related to each of the aforementioned Compliance topic.

Signed on behalf of members of the board, managers and employees of Hendrik Veder Group.


Egbert Vennik

CEO Hendrik Veder Group B.V.

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