Reconsider, re-use, refurbish, recycle.

The management of lifting and hoisting equipment can be easier and more cost-effective while at the same time increasing the sustainability of your company.

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    Asset Management

    As a specialist with centuries of experience, Hendrik Veder Group has developed a inventory management program that provides direct online insight into quantity and location but also the condition and up-to-date certification of lifting and hoisting equipment. Because this has already been applied for various partners it creates economies of scale and considerable cost savings can be achieved. Moreover it ensures increased sustainability for our customers.

    Sustainability helps increase revenue and through Hendrik Veder’s asset management proposition we have a derived solution that completely supports you in this area.

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    Sustainable goals without concessions on costs or compliance


    Hendrik Veder Group ensures that your assets are used as efficiently as possible during challenging tasks from mooring, to towing, rigging, lifting and beyond. Our innovative safety and sustainability solutions set us apart as experts in our field.


    As a company with a long history in the Port of Rotterdam and in the market, we are a well-known, respected partner that takes a practical, knowledge-driven approach to overcoming any engineering challenge.

    Cost effective

    With our cost-effective approach to asset and inventory management, inspection, maintenance, certification and storage, we live up to the highest standards of quality and fully comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. For us, asset management and sustainability go hand in hand, resulting in clear financial advantages for our clients.


    Our innovative asset management IT platform gives you a clear view of exactly where your available equipment is located at all times, ready for use from anywhere, 24 hours a day.


    Accurate and realtime oversight saves you money it prevents double ordering. We ensure that all worn equipment is properly decommissioned and disposed of, we stop inferior equipment from winding up back in your supply chain or being resold in parallel markets.


    We work closely together in every step of a project, from tendering via execution until evaluation, giving you access to our extensive knowledge in the field of engineering to achieve the greatest cost reductions possible.


    You can also rely on Hendrik Veder Group for fast, just in time, pre assembled delivery and competitive prices thanks to our vast product range of industry-standard equipment for moving, mooring, towing, rigging, lifting and more.

    Our process approach

    You are an expert in your field, and we are experts in ours. Once a project is finished, we get straight to work on your lifting gear. We inspect, refurbish, test, approve and process it in our system. We can do this at either on our location or yours. Even on a vessel, in full operation somewhere offshore.

    After that, we move your lifting gear into storage so it’s ready for use any time. Depending on your wishes, we can offer our own storage facilities or use yours or those of a third party. Right before you need to use your cable, we prepare it for you so that you can keep using it for the longest amount of time possible.

    We also sit down with you to discuss whether you would like to rent out the rigging gear that we maintain for you during periods when you are not using them yourself, or whether you might be interested in renting rigging gear through our rental network instead of buying new ones.

    If your lifting gear is no longer suitable for reuse, we will ensure that it is disposed of in the best way possible: with optimal return on investment, optimal sustainability and optimal compliance.

    Currently, many companies simply hand over their old rigging gear to scrap dealers who do not offer fair prices and then usually just resell the rigging gear in parallel markets. Yet, as the primary disposer, you are responsible and liable for fulfilling your responsibilities to properly dispose of your rigging gear.

    The team of raw-materials and circular-economics experts at Hendrik Veder Group always guarantee the best raw-material price and apply a circular approach in which your old rigging gear are converted into raw materials to create new products. These products span many different industries and applications, including the interiors of waste bins or even products that your company uses in its daily operations. From cable to shackle!

    The cost-efficient way in which Hendrik Veder Group inspects, maintains, certifies and stores the assets of customers helps meet the highest quality requirements and complies with legislation and regulations regarding compliance. This asset management leads to sustainable use and results in demonstrable savings for the customer.


    Hendrik Veder Group is an European company, operating worldwide from its locations in the Netherlands, England, Scotland, France, Norway and Poland. It is headquartered at the Port of Rotterdam. The company provides products and services in the field of steel wire rope and synthetic rope, which play an important part in the offshore and maritime industries around the world.

    It also offers all-in-one solutions and services in many other industries. Hendrik Veder Group’s ambition is to make the offshore and maritime industries more sustainable. The company works alongside its forward-thinking clients to achieve sustainability through innovation.

    The result is new, cost-effective solutions based on inventory management, maintenance and a circular approach to raw materials.  At Hendrik Veder Group, sustainability and savings go hand in hand.

    A climate-neutral society by 2050

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals, EU Green Deal and the Circular Economy Plan emphasize the need for sustainable, circular business models to achieve a climate-neutral society by 2050.

    In the upcoming years, our carbon footprint must be reduced by 50%, while the circular use of materials should be doubled. Policy-makers will develop strategies to push towards a greener future. In order to survive, companies must adjust their business models on time and in a cost-efficient way.

    Hendrik Veder Group seeks to create a sustainable business case by optimizing the (re)use of lifting gear, steel wire and fibre ropes. Our clients must be able to increase their competitive advantage with our sustainable products, by indirectly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. This strategy focuses on maximising the value of materials and anticipates the trend of increased raw-material scarcity.

    In co-operation, we explore opportunities to contribute to the sustainability goals, without making any concessions on costs and compliance.

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