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The people of Hendrik Veder Group understand the stringent regulations regarding lifting, towing, mooring, rigging, and lashing equipment. We provide superior quality products and services that guarantee your safety. Below is an overview of our services.

Spooling & reeving

Hendrik Veder Group offers spooling and reeving services for your onboard, onshore and offshore cranes. Whether it’s maintenance, equipping new cranes or upgrading existing ones, you can count on us to deliver safe, efficient service. Our experienced team supplies its own spooling and unspooling equipment and adheres to the highest safety standards, with a track record of success. Our spooling machines can handle reels weighing up to 250 tonnes, with a maximum backtension of 45 tonnes.

Load testing

Your cranes require regular testing to keep them in line with the many safety regulations that apply in your industry. Hendrik Veder Group offers practical, efficient testing solutions to get your cranes up and running again as quick as possible after testing, so you maximise up-time. We supply a wide range of our own water-filled test bags for testing purposes, along with the necessary rigging and calibrated load cells. All our testing equipment comes with the appropriate certificates, endorsed by Lloyd’s Register. For load testing above 500 tonnes, our test arsenal includes water-filled test barges. The test barge arrives pre-rigged and ready for testing at the location of your choice (with rigging belonging to Hendrik Veder Group). Our experienced staff ensures optimal preparation off-site, not interfering with your operations, so we can test quickly and prevent unnecessary downtime for your cranes. All our testing fully complies with the relevant written procedures, safety standards and preliminary risk analyses.

Certification & inspection

We offer visual inspection of lifting equipment and cranes according to both LOLER and EKH standards (above and below the hook). We also provide testing for offshore containers and lifting spreads in accordance with DNV 2.7.1 Our certified inspectors work on-site, adhering to the strictest safety standards, even under the toughest onshore and offshore conditions. If you require, a third-party witness may be involved. Once the inspection process is complete, you can conveniently access your certificates, including retailed reports, via our online portal, Hendrik Veder Group Connection. Our portal provides you with a real-time overview of your inventory of certified equipment, 24/7.


Applying additional lubricant extends the lifespan of your steel wire rope, protecting it against rust and making it more durable. We use a purpose-designed high-pressure greasing device to lubricate ropes, either at your location or in our own workshop. Lubrication is easily combined with spooling activities and MRT testing for steel wire ropes. To help you reach your sustainability targets, we can provide bio degradable lubricant which meets the highest environmental standards at your request.

Magnetic rope testing (MRT)

MRT is a method we use to check steel wire ropes for defects and deterioration. It works by fully magnetising a section of rope and then detecting and measuring changes to the magnetic field caused by broken wires, corrosion, wear or mechanical damage. This is a safe, cost-effective and indisputable testing method. At Hendrik Veder Group, we perform MRT using our own equipment, which is suitable for rope diameters up to 160 mm. Our operators and reporting are ISO certified.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Whether you work in manufacturing or you manage industrial assets, ensuring the integrity of your materials is always a top priority. The quality of welding and other production processes can literally make or break your success. Our efficient non-destructive testing (NDT) services help you detect defects in base materials, products, installations and equipment. This provides asset management data that enables you to prevent damage and costs resulting from material failure. From the sourcing and production phase, all the way to the end of the asset life cycle, we help you monitor material integrity. Ultimately, our NDT services help you operate more efficiently and assure compliance with the latest standards.


With rental solutions from Hendrik Veder Group, you can rent complete rigging lofts, suitable for any rigging, lifting or other projects, whether onshore or offshore. We supply a complete inventory of synthetic lifting slings, steel wire rope slings and grommets, chain & lever hoists and auxiliary tools—everything you need to complete any project that involves rigging and lifting.

Asset management

As a specialist with centuries of experience, Hendrik Veder Group has developed a inventory management program that provides direct online insight into quantity and location but also the condition and up-to-date certification of lifting and hoisting equipment. Because this has already been applied for various partners it creates economies of scale and considerable cost savings can be achieved. Moreover it ensures increased sustainability for our customers.


Hendrik Veder Group offers you a one-stop shop, providing you with the total package for all your rigging and lifting needs. With our unique process approach, we work alongside you every step of the way to choose the right lifting and rigging solutions for your project. We calculate, design and deliver fabrication drawings, and save you time by taking care of fabrication, testing, installing and commissioning new equipment.

Reconditioning & overhaul

You can count on Hendrik Veder Group to effectively overhaul your lifting gear, such as hook blocks, with the same speed and efficiency as we offer with all-new products. Our overhaul services include disassembly, inspection, replacement of parts (such as bearings), sand-blasting and spray-painting. We can also support you by proof load-testing your overhauled equipment. In this way you maximise safety and make your gear more durable.

Rope access

Safely carrying out work at heights always poses a challenge. Conventional access solutions such as cherry pickers or scaffolding are not always the right choice. Rope access is a cost-efficient, safe alternative. Following the strictest safety guidelines, the engineers at Hendrik Veder Group use rope access to perform inspection and reeving jobs for you at even the hardest-to-reach locations.

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