Our sustainability goal

Our ambition

Hendrik Veder Group’s ambition is to make the maritime and offshore sector more sustainable. We work alongside our forward-thinking clients to achieve sustainability through innovation. The result is new, cost-effective solutions based on inventory management, maintenance and a circular approach to raw materials.


The latest example is our circular fibre rope concept, which significantly streamlines processes while also introducing a circular approach to handling equipment. This concept lowers our clients’ costs and boosts their sustainability credentials.


We achieve this by optimally reusing equipment, managing inventories efficiently and recycling materials that are no longer usable.

What can we do for you?

Unburdening from engineering to installation.


Process costs savings through circular solutions.


Designing and supplying the mooring and winch ropes with the highest quality and safety performance  against the lowest operational costs.


All ropes can be installed, maintained, ad inspected on sight by our solutions teams.


Cost savings and the ecological footprint can be made visible in a sustainability dashboard.


End of life mooring and winch ropes can be turned into valuable raw material. We can collect the old ropes, turn them into granulate and use the granulate in new ropes and various other products. This ensures not only a favourable ecological footprint but an actual cost saving. The customer will get a substantial discount when replacing the old mooring or winch rope with a new one.

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    A climate-neutral society by 2050

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals, EU Green Deal and the Circular Economy Plan emphasize the need for sustainable, circular business models to achieve a climate-neutral society by 2050.


    In the upcoming years, our carbon footprint must be reduced by 50%, while the circular use of materials should be doubled. Policy-makers will develop strategies to push towards a greener future. In order to survive, companies must adjust their business models on time and in a cost-efficient way.


    Hendrik Veder Group seeks to create a sustainable business case by optimizing the (re)use of lifting gear, steel wire and fibre ropes. Our clients must be able to increase their competitive advantage with our sustainable products, by indirectly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. This strategy focuses on maximising the value of materials and anticipates the trend of increased raw-material scarcity.


    In co-operation, we explore opportunities to contribute to the sustainability goals, without making any concessions on costs and compliance.

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