February 2, 2021

Hendrik Veder Group supplies and certifies hoisting equipment for Boskalis in India

Hendrik Veder Group boosts sustainability with its process approach

Hendrik Veder Group has announced that it will produce, certify and supply heavy hoisting equipment for a project undertaken by Boskalis in India. The process approach from Hendrik Veder Group enables companies to use their lifting and hoisting equipment more efficiently, so they operate more sustainably.

Reaching sustainability targets with a process approach

All sling ropes are produced and certified at the Hendrik Veder Group’s production site in Rotterdam. The hoisting equipment is delivered by Hendrik Veder Group in specially developed containers to the new Boskalis site in Vlaardingen. Boskalis intends for this new depot to serve as a support hub for its activities throughout the world.

Egbert Vennik, CEO of Hendrik Veder Group, says, ‘It is great to see that a visionary company like Boskalis sees the value of our process approach. The market is extremely product-oriented. We make a difference by working alongside our clients to analyse processes. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to see where we can lower costs and put sustainability on the agenda. In this case, it means renting out heavy materials, which will allow Boskalis to reduce both costs and CO2 emissions.’

Complete solution from Hendrik Veder Group

Unlike other companies, Hendrik Veder Group offers its customers a single point of contact for expertise on a wide range of topics. It even offers solutions that lie beyond the usual scope of options, including renting out heavy shackles. This is the first time a company has attempted to rent out this special type of heavy lifting equipment. Renting materials like these will help other companies to achieve their sustainability targets as well.

Some of the equipment is custom-built for this project, while a large portion of it is rented. Under the sustainable process approach from Hendrik Veder Group, all rented hoisting equipment is reused, refurbished as needed, and certified. This is cost-effective as well as sustainable. That is how Hendrik Veder Group helps organisations operate more sustainably.

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