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Our 10 Life Saving Groundrules

Because we want everybody to go home safe each day, one of our most important corporate values is safety. Our lifesaving ground rules for all employees, visitors and subcontractors:

When driving any vehicle on the premises, always wear a seatbelt and obey speed limits, and never use your phone.

Working or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.

Always hold the handrail when walking on stairs.

Always wear mandatory PPE while on the premises.

Never walk or drive underneath a suspended load.

Never work alone in a production area.

When working at height (>2.5 m) always secure yourself using fall-safety equipment.

Never perform tasks unless you have the necessary work permits or certifications to do so.

Only use machinery and tools which you are trained to use.

Before working on any machine for maintenance or repair work, always obtain authorisation and disable the machine.

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