February 2, 2021

Hendrik Veder Group and Van Oord sign partnership to manage lifting equipment for offshore windmills

“As partners, we can both profit from each other’s knowledge and expertise.”

Van Oord uses installation ships to install windmills safely, efficiently and effectively at sea. For projects like these, the maritime contractor requires lifting equipment. During this year’s Europort trade fair in Rotterdam, Van Oord and the Hendrik Veder Group signed a deal for managing this equipment. The new contract focuses on sustainable lifting methods for the two Rotterdam-based companies.

Sustainable lifting equipment from the Hendrik Veder Group and Van Oord

According to Michiel Pieterman, Offshore Wind Operations Manager at Van Oord, ‘This partnership enables us to use lifting equipment in a sustainable way. The high-quality lifting equipment has a longer lifespan, because it is either reused or converted into new raw materials, while guaranteeing 100 percent compliance at all times. This is a practical way of helping both companies achieve their sustainability goals.’

Roeland van Schie, Project Supply Chain Support Manager at Van Oord, said, ‘As partners, we can both profit from each other’s knowledge and expertise. This will allow us to plan our projects efficiently and flexibly. Our two-year partnership with the Hendrik Veder Group will help us ensure the safety of our employees and the sustainability of our wind-energy projects.’

Pieter Modderman, Manager of Services at the Hendrik Veder Group, said, ‘Our company has been creating products for the shipping industry for the past 220 years. By giving our partners full access to our lifting equipment know-how, we can both reap the benefits. Our goal is to lead the pack when it comes to innovation, while also making optimal use of existing technologies and standards. Our lifting equipment lasts longer because of the extensive range of services we offer. This makes a big difference in helping both companies reach their sustainability targets.’

Sustainable use of lifting equipment

Van Oord uses its ships to install windmills at sea. These technically complex installation projects require a team of Van Oord professionals on board. Their most important tool is well-maintained lifting equipment that is suited to the task.

By signing this framework agreement, Van Oord confirms that it will be outsourcing its hoisting and lifting equipment management to the Hendrik Veder Group for the new two years. The services that the Hendrik Veder Group will offer ensure sustainability, safety and compliance, as well as a considerable reduction in costs.

These services will include the following:

• Inventory management, overseeing and keeping track of all lifting equipment on hand;
• Maintaining and certifying lifting equipment, also using QR codes and an online database to make the certificates available for users. This ensures that all users can demonstrate the safety of the equipment they are using on the job;
• Ready-for-use storage and stock management for the lifting equipment, including providing planning information;
• Extensive (project-based) logistical support, delivering all lifting equipment just in time and fit for purpose to the job site.

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