February 2, 2021

Hendrik Veder Group achieves sustainability targets with environmentally friendly lubricant

As part of a prestigious new offshore project, Hendrik Veder Group has supplied two 114-mm non-rotating steel cables, both 350 metres in length, which are treated with sustainable Elaskon WR environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL). This is the latest example of the Rotterdam-based company’s innovative process approach which focuses on increasingly sustainable methods for using cables and hoisting equipment. Hendrik Veder Group worked closely with its client to design steel cable reels specifically for this offshore installation. As a result, the cables were immediately ready for use upon delivery.

EAL-treated steel cables

EAL is biodegradable and non-bioaccumulative. It also has a minimal impact on aquatic ecosystems (including fish, marine plant life, etc.). This lubricant is mandatory for use in equipment with oil-to-sea interfaces, whenever feasible. Since 2013, it is also required for use in territorial waters of the United States.

Innovative process approach with special reels

Hendrik Veder Group follows an innovative process approach that is unique within the offshore and maritime industries. Unlike other companies, which sell cables for single use only, Hendrik Veder Group explores options for sustainably reusing cables and hoisting equipment. The company’s approach protects the environment while also boosting profitability for its clients. During this project, Hendrik Veder Group worked alongside its client to design steel cable reels specifically for this offshore installation. As a result, the cables were immediately ready for use upon delivery, which makes them even more sustainable.

Hendrik Veder Group is proud to help its clients achieve the highest standards of sustainability. Many companies are now facing the difficult question of how to operate more sustainably while also increasing profitability. Hendrik Veder Group wants to help companies in the offshore and maritime industries to achieve these two goals simultaneously.

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