As we leave Covid-19 behind,

we see scarcity and prices start to rise.


Make sure your stock positions are in order

The world reboots quickly after the lockdown. Companies around the world have started their production and are already running at full speed. The lack of connection from the supply chain threatens scarcity of essential raw materials and products. On top of that, there is the transport issue, with no more sea containers to be booked. As a result, logistics prices are rising, putting pressure on the supply of raw materials and products.


Limited stocks of steelwire ropes and lifting equipment can potentially threaten the progress of your daily operations in the future. Because we want to offer you certainty and continuity, we are sending you this e-mail. So, you are informed in time and able to replenish your stock.


Hendrik Veder Group offers certainty

Hendrik Veder has several production sites in Europe, where much of the production takes place in-house. As a result, we have a highly relevant stock from which we can deliver. We have also spread our production risk, by working with several suppliers from different countries so that there is still sufficient stock.


Re-use of existing lifting equipment more relevant than ever

We are also happy to advise you on the more frequent (and safe) use of existing lifting equipment, a sustainable and cost-efficient approach. Moreover, re-use makes the lifting equipment quicker available. This approach starts with an inventory and inspection of your current equipment.


Stock up on time

We advise you to inspect your stock positions. Consider replenishing your stock earlier than usual. The number of suppliers with a relevant stock is limited. In order not to disappoint our partners, we have increased our stock.


This way, you are and remain assured of the right material, so you will not be short of lifting equipment for new tenders or projects. This ensures the continuity of your operation.


For more information, please contact Leanne Walshaw, Sheffield office 01142 611 690


Find out more about our company

When you are looking for a fresh solution in order to move forward. Hendrik Veder Group is ready to meet all these needs. You benefit from this flexibility and can count on us to recognise the direction you want to go and understand the issues you face. And if we don’t have a solution on hand…

Moving, lifting, towing, mooring, rigging, testing or something else? What is your challenge? We like to be challenged to provide solutions, projects, services and products significant to offshore, maritime and other markets. Ask for our service and testing program and increase your uptime and lower the cost.

The people of Hendrik Veder Group understand the stringent regulations regarding lifting, towing, mooring, rigging, and lashing equipment. We provide superior quality products and services that guarantee your safety. We made many of our products available in an extensive product catalogues.

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