Safety and quality are inseparable core values within Hendrik Veder Group. Our core values are the starting point in our vision and have been elaborated in a company QHSE policy and in our operational management. This allows us to manufacture and deliver products and services safely, according to stated requirements and expectations.

Health, Safety & Environment

In our type of industry, there are constant risks that can affect the wellbeing of all people related to our products and the environment. Within Hendrik Veder Group we attach great value to this. In order to manage the risks properly we continuously analyse our risks and initiate appropriate actions to eliminate risk or reduce the effect adequately. We transfer this to our personnel and customers by means of training, advice & providing appropriate equipment. This way we improve working conditions with attention to environmental impact and we create safety awareness. This results in a positive effect on manufacturing products and providing our services.

ISO-certified Quality Management System

To maintain and improve our business operations we have implemented a management system, certified in accordance with the latest requirements of ISO 9001. We manufacture in accordance to international guidelines and standards such as IMCA M 179, EN 13414-1, 13414-3 and ISO 7531. In addition, we comply with all applicable internationally recognised certification and quality control institutions. Their approval based on our expertise indicate that we are committed to safety, excellence & sustainability.


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