Always at your service

The people of Hendrik Veder Group understand the stringent regulations regarding lifting, towing, mooring, rigging, and lashing equipment. We provide superior quality products and services that guarantee your safety. Below is an overview of our services.

 Inspection & (re-) certification

Inspection.pngOwners of steel wire ropes or related equipment must maintain product safety, making recurring inspections mandatory. Hendrik Veder Group performs maintenance inspections and equipment certification on site and in-house. Approved products receive proof (re-) certification or an inspection report.



Load testing of cranes

Load-test.pngLoad testing of cranes is required by many safety regulations, national and international standards and manufacturers. It is the purpose of the actual test of actual overloading that the equipment is capable of moving and moving through all designed motions. We are qualified to load cranes of all capacities using water weights and other static weight options.


Reeving and unreeving of cranes and winches

Reeving.pngOur spooling machines have a capacity of up to 250 tons unit weight for rearing and unearthing of cranes and winches. We also have hydraulic wire rope tensioning machines with a back tensioning capacity of 45 tons. The machines are available for rent, with or without an operator.



Reconditioning and overhaul

Reconditioning.pngReconditioning overhaul, overhaul blocks, overhaul swivels, chain overhaul, lifting gear overhaul, hendrik veder group aberdeen, reconditioning blocks, swivels reconditioningReconditioning and overhauling blocks, swivels, chain and other lifting gear is another area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. The steps during reconditioning and overhauling include: disassembly, cleaning, inspection, parts renewal, assembly, load testing, non-destructive testing (NDT) and coating.


Complete annual and quadrennial lifeboat surveys

Lifeboat-surveys.pngComplete annual and quadrennial lifeboat surveys, test lifeboats, test water bags lifeboats, lifeboats tests netherlands, hendrik veder groupIt is mandatory to regularly test lifeboats. We test both lifeboats and related equipment using water bags. Any possible defects on the boat or ropes are repaired immediately. An approved lifeboat receives a proof of (re-) certification.